Our services are paid by our employer clients – there is no cost to the applicant.

You can always be assured of the utmost confidentiality in your dealings with our team. We adhere strictly to the provisions of the Personal Information and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA).

There are two ways by which we may be of assistance to you in your job search. If your qualifications are COMPETITIVE for a current search, we will make sure that you are presented to the appropriate client. In addition, our client companies also often accept our submitting candidates we believe would be a good fit for their organization, even though there may not be an immediate opening for their particular skills and abilities.

Many companies are seeking top people with specific skill sets and do not want to take the chance of hiring by “hearsay” or “off the street”. Consequently, we have listings for key positions that are not necessarily known in the marketplace. We provide each of our candidates selected for an interview by our clients with a thorough working knowledge of the company; its culture, policies, benefits, and principles. Details are also provided on immediate supervisors and related topics.

Most importantly, we take the time to find out about your ambitions, attitudes and agendas. Our goal is to place you with a company with whom you have a compatible working style, which will lead to a mutually successful and happy working relationship. Our placements are personalized, comprehensive and discreet.

We have the negotiating skills to help with compensation issues, options and alternatives.

Professional Associations

We are members in long standing of the Association of Canadian Staffing, Employment and Search Services (ACSESS), Canada’s only professional organization for staffing firms. Only 15% of the 2,000-odd agencies in this country can make this claim. We adhere to the ACSESS Code of Ethics.

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Association of Canadian Staffing, Employment and Search Services

We are a member NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide consists of a group of over 400 national and international recruiting firms, located in 18 countries on 6 continents, selected for their strong ethical commitment to the recruiting process. All approved firms operate under the strictest confidentiality policies so that the exchange of both employment opportunities and excellent candidates can be achieved with the utmost assurance of privacy and positive results.

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