Stoakley-Stewart Facts

Why do so many employers select
Stoakley-Stewart Consultants
as their talent scout?

Stoakley-Stewart Consultants - How We Help

A long history of success

Founded in 1977, we have accumulated four decades of success in recruiting across a wide range of industries and occupations.  We have gloried in the good times and hung in there through the bad, when many of our industry colleagues have closed up shop.

A boutique firm with a global reach

We are a long-time member of NPAworldwide.  Founded in 1956, NPAworldwide is a member-owned, global network of independent executive recruiting consultants. NPAworldwide has over 500 member offices with more than 1,600 individual consultants in a multitude of countries, spanning 6 continents. Here’s how our membership in this exclusive network is YOUR competitive advantage when you partner with US.

In-depth industry knowledge

Each of our Consultants specializes in a small number of industry verticals, and most of them have been employed in these same industries, often in senior professional roles and executive positions, during their career.  Thus we have firsthand experience with many of the positions we are hired to fill.

Extensive recruitment experience

Together, our Consultants boast hundreds of years in recruitment and search experience. They are persistent, thorough, and merit their reputation for professionalism, integrity, commitment and positive results.  Click here to meet our team.

Access to millions of job seekers

From our internal database of over 300,000 resumés, to those residing with our NPA affiliates, to subscriptions to major job and resumés boards, we have access to tens of millions candidates of candidates.  We also seek out individuals of potential interest at select target organizations.

Thorough and complete search and recruitment services

Over the years, we have developed a list of over 20 steps we offer our clients when conducting a search.  Click here for details.

Fee structures that meet your needs

We offer a menu of contingency and retained search fee structures in a variety of forms at competitive rates, and conduct searches for direct (permanent) hire,  longer term (6 month plus) contract roles, and contract/temp positions.

Avoid hiring mistakes

We offer a range of psychological assessment tools to help you fine tune your hiring decision.  From a simple on-line questionnaire to a more in-depth process that includes an interview with an industrial psychologist, these services may be purchased independently or in conjunction with a search assignment.

The latest technologies save you time and money

From the most popular mobile apps, to video interviewing, to social recruiting, to early adoption of trending technology, we stay ahead of the curve and offer services built for the 21st century. Our recruiters can “meet” face-to-face and engage with applicants anywhere in the world.  This helps keep your interview expenses down and takes the mystery out of meeting candidates where in-person interviews are simply not feasible.  It’s the next best thing to being there in person!

Professional credentials

Several of our recruiters have earned the designation of “Certified Personnel Consultant’, the only professional accreditation available in our industry.  In addition, two are Professional Engineers and three have been awarded the recognition of “Quality Circle of Excellence” from National Personnel Associates.