Our HVAC/R specialty practice is one of our busiest divisions. It is headed by our most experienced recruitment consultant and our Managing Director, Deborah Milo. While both large and small, our clients are often large corporations with offices, plants, manufacturing and distribution centers across the globe.  They have come to know and rely on Stoakley-Stewart time and time again, year over year, citing our proven track record in identifying right-fit, HVAC talent coupled with our expert ability to unearth the best talent in the marketplace for companies’ important roles and hiring needs.

Deb and our team of expert consultants have placed talented professionals in a variety of diverse roles for a multitude of organizations here in North American and overseas. From the in the field to the top floor of corporate head offices, from Engineers, to Technicians, to Business Development/Salespeople, to HVAC Technicians and Installers, to Health & Safety on up to Supervisors, Senior Management, and C-level Executives.

Deborah Milo, Managing Director
HVAC Specialty Practice

Deborah Milo, Managing Director

Email: dmilo@stoakley.com
905-821-3455 x 224
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Deborah boasts over 25 years of experience as a senior manager in the staffing industry (in Canada and the USA). Highly respected in the profession, Deborah has four times received the “Consulting Excellence Award” from the National Personnel Association, and has earned their “Quality Circle of Excellence” designation.

As seemingly impossible as it seems,  she continues to achieve greater and greater success each and every year. Deborah is seen amongst her clients, colleagues and competitors alike as the expert in the industries in which she serves. She is called upon to fill positions in these industries that run from shop floor production through to CEO. Often those calling are competitors who just can’t seem to locate that perfect candidate for their most demanding clients.


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