Temp and Contract Services

Receiving considerable demand to expand our suite of services, who are we to deny our clients. Therefore, Stoakley-Stewart Consultants will now provide temporary and contract search services.

Hiring Tiffany Oliver of Accountemps, Stoakley-Stewart makes a big splash in the temp and contract arena as well as the finance & accounting disciplines. This builds upon an existing, as of yet untapped, foundation of temp/contract expertise resident within the Stoakley organization: Leslie Pittman (17 years), Deb Milo (13 years), Trevor Stewart (5 years), and Magda Salem (4 years).

Normal fluctuations in demand for products/services, the seasonal variances of cyclical industries, vacancies due to maternity, and the need for more hands to complete a special project, amongst many other reasons, all require a human capital solution that is more provisional in nature. In situations like these, time is certainly of the essence, but we feel that quality should not take a back seat as a result. Wishing to apply our principles of excellence and Executive Search quality standards to temp/contract requirements we adhere to a doctrine that espouses a more equal balance between timeliness and quality of fill. Therefore, if you need a person tomorrow, don’t call us; if you need the right person soon, then give us a shout (1.888.226.6685) or write to us today info@stoakley.com.

We understand that the answer to a human capital need is not always a permanent hire; for many reasons a shorter term solution is what is required. Now, you can come to Stoakley-Stewart for whatever hiring need you might have and we will have the right solution.

At this juncture, our temporary and contract solutions will be provided exclusively in the white collar, administrative and professional disciplines.

Looking forward to “permanently” providing “temporary” solutions to your employment needs!

Employers: Tell Us Your Needs

Stoakley-Stewart Consultants is the “Professional Scout” for your business team. We are committed to presenting only well qualified candidates for your job vacancies. We won’t waste your time and we will give you feedback on the actual market situation and conditions. Please click here to use our online form or feel free to call us directly (1.888.226.6685 x236 – Trevor Stewart, President) for an honest, no pressure conversation about your hiring needs.

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Tiffany Oliver, B.Com - Strategic Talent Acquisition Specialist, Finance & Accounting

Strategic Talent Acquisition Specialist, Finance & Accounting

Trevor Stewart, B.A., (Hons.) - President & CEO

Trevor Stewart, B.A., (Hons.) – President & CEO

Magda Salem, B.Sc - Division Manager, Construction, Property & Facilities

Magda Salem, B.Sc – Division Manager, Construction, Property & Facilities

Deborah Milo, Managing Director

Deborah Milo, Managing Director

Leslie Pittman, Recruitment Consultant

Leslie Pittman, Recruitment Consultant