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Charmaine Kapansky: Recruitment Consultant – Transportation and Logistics

Recruitment Consultant – Transportation and Logistics




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Phone: 905.821.3455 x228
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Charmaine brings to Stoakley-Stewart Consultants unmatched drive and comprehensive recruitment experience. She boasts 17+ years in high-volume recruitment with a specialty practice in transportation and logistics.

Charmaine has intimate knowledge of logistics and transportation, ever-evolving and nuanced industries with constantly changing regulations and technology. It is an industry where customer expectations are always evolving, changing, and developing which, in turn, become the new market norm.

Successful logistics and transportation recruiting requires a deep understanding of that evolution plus the ability to identify candidates that can succeed in that changing environment. Charmaine knows the nature of the business, the industry players, and the best talent in the marketplace.

Are you having trouble identifying, attracting and screening top talent? Tired of explaining the industry to recruiters who claim to be an “industry expert”? Then call Charmaine at: 905-821-3455 x228, or email her at and/or connect with her on LinkedIn today.