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Email:  |  Phone: 416.703.7687 x802

Gian has over 15 years’ experience as a sales and marketing consultant in the food service and manufacturing industries. He has familiarized himself with various technical areas associated with the industry. Though his focus has been on manufacturing and technical positions he has access to a variety of professionals and experts throughout the industry. As such, he is adept at coordinating any level or focus of search his clients require, all while keeping communication smooth and simple.

He fancies himself particularly proficient, professional and skilled in the art of communication. An acumen that serves he and his clients particularly well in imperative situations with elements of stress or anxiety. His calming approach, empathizing nature, and intent listening helps to reveal the true, core issues at hand followed by sober, useful recommendations towards resolutions and courses of action.  He will tell you that this has been the integral reason for his success to date.

So let’s begin discussing how Gian can help you. Call him directly today at 416-703-7687 ext. 802 or 1-855-267-8055 ext. 802 or to write him at Feel free to connect with and reach out to him on LinkedIn (click here).