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From her own personal experience, Magda realized that finding work you love is difficult.  In 2005, after considerable research and exploration into the various possibilities, Magda identified the Recruitment Industry as the home for her. The opportunity to positively impact people’s lives through optimizing their careers allows Magda to take advantage of her natural knack for building rapport and trust between herself and others while at the same time reaping the intrinsic rewards that come from loving what she is able to do as a recruiter.

Magda got her start in the industry within the accounting and finance specialty division of one of North America’s largest recruitment firms.  Magda particularly enjoyed recruiting top notch accounting and finance professionals for the construction industry.  She experienced great success during her 3 years with the Accounting/Finance Specialty firm; however, wishing to be able to assist her valued clients and candidates to a greater degree across a broader range of disciplines, Magda chose to align herself with Stoakley-Stewart Consultants.

Stoakley-Stewart has enabled Magda to continue to excel in building relationships with Accounting and Finance professionals, as well as discover a new passion, recruiting for the construction industry!  Minus the hard hat and steel toed boots, Magda has become an industry professional working with many of the leading general contractors and construction specific trades.

Recruiting Practice:

Magda takes pride in her ability to conduct exhaustive research and ask poignant questions leading directly to a full comprehension of the existing need and a complete picture of the ideal candidate with which to satisfy that need. Proactively, Magda continuously identifies top tier candidates that would be of incredible value to her clients and ensures that the availability of this elite talent is made known to her trusted client partners. Top talent is elusive and not always available at the time a need arises; Magda’s clients greatly appreciate this forward thinking approach to elevating the overall Human Capital assets resident within their Companies.

Magda is here to serve you, whether it be as a client or candidate. She delivers exceptional results and unrivaled customer service each and every time. With a natural desire to help others, a job well done is her greatest reward and, to her, the ultimate success.