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Nick Johnson, Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

Senior IT Recruitment Consultant


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Phone:       416.703.7687 x804
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Nick is one of the newest members of the Stoakley-Stewart team and was brought into the organization to help broaden the firm’s book of business into the Information Technology field. Nick has been an IT recruiter for the majority of his time working in staffing solutions and has extensive experience recruiting for both Private and Public sector roles.

Nick got his start in IT recruitment working exclusively on Government Services contracts for the Federal and Provincial Governments and ultimately made the transition into the Private Sector after achieving successful placements at multiple Government Agencies. From there he made a move into a broader spectrum of duties including both recruitment and business development.

He has developed a “leave no stone unturned” approach to recruiting for particularly challenging roles and does not rest until he has found the best available candidate to suit the client’s need. He does not back-down from a role when candidates are hard to find and never compromises the quality of his work.

If you are having difficulty finding the ideal person to fill that critical vacancy in your IT team, Nick will stop at nothing to dig up the diamond in the rough that you need to complete any team or project.