Reunited and it feels so good – Magda Salem and Valerie Yuricek

Magda Salem and Valerie Yuricek manage our thriving Construction, Property & Facilities Management division.  Some say these two ladies are joined at the hip and in fact, for many years they were. However, when Valerie welcomed her first son, Gabriel, over a year ago Magda became the lone torch bearer in managing the Construction, Property & Facilities  division. Fast forward a year and reuniting never felt so good! Team Valerie and Magda are together again and are a dynamic duo like no other…just ask their colleagues who can hear their infectious jubilation resonating through the walls of our head office. Click their names to learn more about Valerie and Magda and why they are truly a force to be reckoned with!

Click here if you feel nostalgic and want to hear the song upon which the theme of the above is based:

Reunited - Valerie and Magda