Stoakley-Stewart Newsletter #6 – The Stoakley Valentine, The Best Resume File Type To Send, Hot Jobs, Most “Loved” Shared Articles of 2015 So Far, and More

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us Stoakley-Stewart Consultants!

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Having seemingly been struck by Cupid’s arrow in February, we wanted to highlight our “Valentine” this year…Elizabeth Hall, our featured recruiter, who literally celebrated her 4th year with the firm on February 14th! Click here to learn more about Elizabeth, how she helps, and why she’s The Stoakley Valentine.

Additionally, our Marketing and Social Media Manager, Andrew Stapinski, offers his experience and musings in an original piece designed to help today’s job seekers understand and sift through all the technology and different file types/formats in which you can submit your resume. There are a mind boggling number of file types but it can all be boiled down to just these 2 types of documents which you should always stick to when putting your best foot forward. Click here to read this helpful piece: “Lost in Translation: How The “Wrong” Resume File Type Can Harm Your Chances Of Getting A New Job…

As always, and due to popular demand, we’ve included our hottest, most lovely open jobs (at the time) for you to peruse, consider, apply to and/or share with others you know whom you believe might be interested and a potential great-fit.

And finally, we shared our most popular shared articles of 2015 thus far, plus a few from 2014 that got a lot of love from our audiences in hopes you find them of value, educational, and time well spent reading.

Thank you for your continued readership and all the best to you, yours, and your organizations.


The Stoakley-Stewart Team – Recruiting Excellence Since 1977

Please click here to view our newsletter for the month of February 2015.