Stoakley-Stewart Newsletter #7 – Lucky Jobs, Featured Recruiter, Most Popular Articles, “Are Your Job Applications Going Into A Black Hole?” and More…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us Stoakley-Stewart Consultants!

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We thought it appropriate this month to feature our own resident Patrick. While not necessarily a saint (nor Irish!) he does have an impressive track record of virtuous endeavors, most especially his humanitarian work in Africa. Not to mention that during his many years as a successful recruiter, he’s been known to lead quite a few clients and candidates to the proverbial “pot of gold“. To learn more about Patrick Laforet “the Recruiter” please click here, and to learn more about Patrick Laforet “the Saint“.

Additionally, our Marketing and Social Media Manager, Andrew Stapinski, shares his latest original piece (click here to read) about the perils of making online job application TOO easy and instantaneous…and the resulting “black hole” one’s resume and application can get sucked into, never to be seen again.

As always, and due to popular demand, we’ve included our hottest, most lucky open jobs (at the time of publication) for you to peruse, consider, apply to and/or share with others you know whom you believe might be interested and a potential great-fit.

And finally, we offer our most popular shared articles from March 2015 for candidates/job seekers and hiring managers/employers/H.R. in hopes you too find them of value, educational, and time well spent reading.

Thank you for your continued readership and all the best to you, yours, and your organizations.


The Stoakley-Stewart Team – Recruiting Excellence Since 1977

Please click here to view our newsletter for the month of March 2015.