It’s TWINS! Introducing the two “newest members” of the Stoakley-Stewart family!

It must be something in the air/water around here. Our resident Pharmaceutical Recruitment Specialist, Abir Abdel-Hamid has become the second consultant in as many years to welcome offspring to the world. What’s more, Abir and her husband (not to mention all of us!) were happily surprised to be blessed with not one, but two bundles of joy, welcoming wonderful, healthy twins Siraj (baby boy) & Jannat (baby girl) this Spring. We at Stoakley-Stewart wish Abir and family nothing but the best during this most exciting (and we only imagine…exhausting) time of their lives!

Abir intends to remain a resource to her much loved clients and candidates during her maternity leave; keeping her “toe in the business” so to speak until she returns full throttle. If you would like to congratulate her, feel free to write her with your well wishes:

Abir's Twins