Our Placement Process: Step-By-Step

Professional Client Consultation

Consult with client to determine appropriate search requirements and interview the hiring manager to clarify needs, understand company’s culture and candidate attributes.  Obtain any relevant company information and marketing materials to facilitate the search process and market the career.

Develop and Execute Sourcing Strategies

  1. Conduct research to identify potential talent pools.
  2. Search Stoakley-Stewart Consultants’ internal and external databases totaling over 250,000 resumés,  and contact our international network of search professionals for potential candidate leads.
  3. Advertise the position on selected and wide-ranging media channels.
  4. Conduct research to identify targets for direct recruiting efforts and execute.

Screening Process

  1. Screen potential applicants to narrow search results.
  2. Qualify long list candidates by initial telephone interviews.
  3. Select the potential candidates.
  4. Conduct professional interviews with potential short list candidates.
  5. Verify candidates’ credentials.
  6. Evaluate chosen candidates.
  7. Conduct Psychometric Assessments for short list candidates. *

Selection Process

  1. Arrange and coordinate client interviewing schedule, offering video teleconferencing services where applicable.
  2. Prepare and counsel candidates for interviews.
  3. Prepare client for interviews by providing professional pre-interview information.
  4. Debrief candidates and clients after each interview.
  5. Industrial Psychologist conducts debrief to client on candidates Assessment results and discusses individual’s fit to role.*
  6. Conduct professional background check and performance references with former supervisors and colleagues.*

Hiring Process

  1. Coordinate with hiring manager on possible offers to be made and set the stage for acceptance.
  2. Participate with company in providing necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer.
  3. Reconcile any differences with successful candidate and counsel against counteroffers.
  4. Assist successful candidate in professionally resigning from current position.
  5. Industrial Psychologist debriefs successful candidate’s Psychometric Profile results and provides coaching.*
  6. Follow-up with client and new hire after placement to assure successful on-boarding.

* – Professional services available at additional cost.