Abir Abdel-Hamid, BSc (Pharm), MBA

Abir Abdel-Hamid, BSc (Pharm), MBA

Director, Talent Acquisition & Management Consultant




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A world renowned expert in the field of Leadership Assessment, Training & Development, Abir’s input has been sought after by an impressive array of prestigious organizations.

A common theme began to emerge within her body of work, in order for the leadership team to build a world class organization and deliver market leading performance those Leaders had to inherently possess the necessary traits and abilities to begin with. If the natural talent and capacity simply wasn’t resident within them, then no amount of training would make up for its lack. You can’t create a masterful sculpture without the proper clay.

Upon coming to the conclusion that no matter how much training is delivered to an individual the outcome depends primarily on the selection process from its initial phase, Abir decided that the most effective way to impact an organization was to focus on delivering the right talent from the beginning.

Decision made, Abir, seeking to align her sterling reputation with an organization of similar stature, after careful consideration and much due diligence, decided to join the ranks of Stoakley-Stewart Consultants Ltd. Finding a like-minded devotion to professionalism, ethics, innovation and customer satisfaction, she realized that this was the place to turn her vast array of knowledge in the art of Leadership Development into a mastery of the Recruitment Profession.

A pharmacist by trade, immediately upon graduation she delved into the healthcare field, beginning her storied career in 2002 with the leading multi-national pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline. She parlayed her exceptional technical skills and natural aptitude for sales and marking into instant success. GSK, recognizing her potential very early on, placed Abir on an accelerated promotion schedule and advanced her swiftly through roles of increasing seniority. Abir concluded her career with GSK in the highly sought after and influential position of Regional Product Specialist. During this very hectic time, Abir was able to acquire her MBA; successfully balancing the heavy demands of her educational pursuits with the pressures of moving up the corporate ladder.

Branching out from, but not leaving behind, the pharmaceutical world, in 2009 Abir turned her eye on the field of Leadership Testing, Training & Development. Having a natural affinity for the practice, Abir quickly developed a name for herself and became a highly sought after Consultant in this field.

Advancing quickly into a management capacity within this industry as Middle East Product Manager, Marketing Manager and recently as Deputy Managing Director, Abir was called upon to not only consult and advise on leadership & recruitment practices for others but also carry out the recruitment of employees for her own organization. During this time she has led many recruitment projects via the design and implementation of Assessment centres across various industries and in different countries.

Committed to continuous improvement and life-long learning, Abir has supplemented her B.Sc Pharmacy, with the addition of her MBA in 2006, an attested certification in Leadership Assessment & Development from the British Psychological Society in 2009 and most recently the Canadian Certificate for Training & Development Professionals (CTDP) from the Canadian Society of Training and Development wherein she currently holds membership. Further complementing her impressive array of academic credentials are her well defined linguistic skills, possessing a fluency in English, French & Arabic.

Abir’s rich multinational orientation and profound exposure to various fields differentiate her skills as an Executive Search Consultant. Her devotion lies in ensuring that her clients achieve their commercial targets through the selection of effective leaders who deliver efficient performance outcomes.

Abir, meeting the needs of clients across Canada and throughout the globe, working out of the Toronto office of Stoakley-Stewart Consultants Ltd., services a broad spectrum of industries as her experience is vast and varied. One industry of primary significance and near and dear to her heart is the Pharmaceutical industry where Abir puts both her schooling and work experience to good use bolstering the expertise resident with the Pharmaceutical Specialty Practice at Stoakley.

Abir’s aptitude, experience and formal training in the assessment of talent, skills and ability is an invaluable asset to her clients. Contact Abir today in order to put this “perfect storm” of Recruiting expertise to work for you!