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Anastasia brings to Stoakley-Stewart Consultants a professional and dynamic millennial mindset. Currently enrolled at Sheridan College in the Bachelors of Business Administration program with a focus on HR, Anastasia has immersed herself into the world of recruiting, learning quickly the nuances and inner workings of this complex, specialized and rewarding industry. She arrived with “batteries included” and, being instilled with the principles of hard work and a strong personal code of ethics, is producing both exceptional work and quality, tangible results. Her unwavering focus combined with a results-oriented mindset has allowed her to excel in but a few short months as she continues to mature into an otherwise natural recruitment professional. Joining the firm as a relative novice to the industry, without trepidation Anastasia has taken on the important responsibilities of candidate sourcing, market intelligence and fact-finding projects, social recruiting initiatives, and crucial industry research and metrics-gathering.

Being no stranger to the world of work, she has toiled at McDonald’s of Canada since 2012, quickly rising the ranks and assuming ever-increasing leadership roles. Taking full advantage of all that this environment offered, Anastasia devoted herself to learning, development and excellence. As a result, she was recognized and rewarded with positions of increasing responsibility culminating in a management role where, at the ripe old age of 16, she was leading a team of up to 12 employees on any given shift. Her seemingly innate ability to work with unyielding deadlines, when quality cannot be compromised, pushes her to her maximum potential.

Anastasia is here to deliver fast, exceptional results and with the highest quality of customer service.