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Andrew Stapinski, HBA

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Andrew graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto with the original vision of teaching and educating young minds, fostered by his excellent communication and instructional skills combined with a passion for helping others.  However, bitten by the sales bug, he instead pursued positions in business development, consultative selling, and marketing for the better part of 10 years.  Headhunted out of his previous position by owner and founder Trevor Stewart, Andrew joined Stoakley-Stewart Consultants in 2011 as a recruitment consultant before transitioning into the firm’s permanent Marketing and Social Media Manager.

Social Media & Marketing:

Andrew’s mandate is to further establish and significantly enhance Stoakley-Stewart’s social media presence and influence in combination with a multi-pronged and strategic marketing plan.  Partnering with effective and reputable technology solutions, he is tasked with several core duties at the firm:

  • Developing and managing the firm’s social media sites, presence, and strategy to engage with the firm’s target audiences by providing pertinent, educational and valuable content
  • Creating a unique client and candidate experience via personalized, valuable, and useful content
  • Creating, implementing, and nurturing the firm’s marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Providing a cutting-edge social media and marketing presence that helps to set Stoakley-Stewart apart from other recruitment firms, while also cultivating a diverse following of industry professionals and Human Resource representatives


LinkedIn's #1 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agency of 2016 in Canada (Boutique/Specialty Firms)

I was both humbled and honoured to learn that Stoakley-Stewart Consultants had been officially recognized as #3 on LinkedIn’s list of the “Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies” for 2016!* across all of North America and the #1 most socially engaged in all of Canada amongst boutique/specialty recruitment firms! It goes without saying that I need to thank all of those in our network for helping us to achieve this great honour and milestone. We literally couldn’t have done it without them! This is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of each and every one of our team members who endeavor to spread and share valuable, interesting and useful information for everyone in their network’s benefit. It’s a true recognition of our social recruiting efforts and of our genuine desire to be a different kind of recruitment company. Read the full and official announcement from LinkedIn, including ALL of the here. #MostSociallyEngaged

(*#3 in North America and #1 in Canada amongst “boutique/specialty” firms)

We owe thanks to LinkedIn for this recognition, for providing a platform to make our organization’s voice heard across the globe, and most importantly, to all of those whom chose to engage with us, like and share our posts, and proliferate our efforts across their own networks each and every single day. We look forward to providing an engaging experience to our network for another year and many more to come. From all of us at Stoakley-Stewart Consultants…THANK YOU!

How did we achieve this recognition? Well…LinkedIn measured their Top 25 Ranking using the following key areas:

(Read the full article on LinkedIn’s ranking methodology here)

Content Marketing: An Agency’s content efforts measured by members’ engagement with that content.

  • Content – Groups, Company Updates, Sponsored Updates, Influencer and Employee posts and Employee shares
  • Member engagement – likes, shares, comments, follows and clicks

Social Recruiting: How effective our consultants were at:

  • Establishing professional brand through profile completeness and rich content
  • Finding the right people and engaging with Insights
  • Building relationships with our members

Social Reach and Social Engagement: An Agency’s presence on LinkedIn, measured as their member’s:

  • Viewing and applying for our posted jobs
  • Following our Company Page
  • Researching our Career Page

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