Bill Henderson: Senior Advisor, Talent Strategy & Engagement

Bill Henderson

Senior Advisor, Talent Strategy & Engagement


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Bill Henderson - LinkedIn Profile:

Bill has honed his skills and expertise in the transportation industry for almost 30 years. Forging solid business relationships with the private and public sectors on both sides of the border has been a career key highlight.

Beginning as an entrepreneur, operating his own business for a few years, which led to a career shift to the corporate arena in a front line management role in Purolator Inc. Bill successfully progressed over 21 years through the management levels to CEO. Subsequent C-level roles were also achieved with Maritime Ontario Freight Lines and G4S Canada.

Bill recently joined Stoakley-Stewart Consultants as a Senior Advisor, Talent Strategy & Engagement to leverage his significant experience and knowledge in the marketplace. He has the depth of understanding of challenges and opportunities facing the customer’s perspective. Bill’s extensive tenure in management enables him to connect the critical nature of the job position alignment and fit in business. He will focus his lifelong passion for people and business to help you achieve the calibre of solutions Stoakley-Stewart has delivered for over four decades.