Hassan Maqsood, B.Com

Hassan Maqsood, B.Com

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Email: hmaqsood@stoakley.com
905-821-3455 Ext. 238
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Hassan has over 4 years of in-depth experience immersed directly in the field of Accounting and Finance. After completing his Bachelors of Commerce at Carleton University, he immediately jumped headfirst into his field of training, working within a broad array of industries such as: Consumer Packaged Goods, Information Technology, and Apparel/Footwear. Hassan gained valuable insight into each of these areas, employing the unique unabridged insight that comes from the bird’s eye view provided by financial oversight/management. His talent and ability within the realm of budgeting/forecasting and management-reporting to month-end and financial analysis is only overshadowed by his talent to identify ability and potential in others. Faced with the choice to continue on within his chosen profession or to follow his calling, Hassan found the perfect middle ground by refocusing his energy towards helping clients in the area of Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology to source the absolute best talent; talent that will ensure a bright future for each organization he so assists.

Having developed an expertise in the profession of Recruitment & Selection, Hassan is employing his ability to identify talent and his well-honed relationship management skills in a place where they are much better capitalized, that being Stoakley-Stewart. Hassan prides himself in his understanding of industry best practices and economic trends; thus enabling him to better understand the needs of both clients and candidates; making for a rich mix that brings about an even better match for all involved.