Lori Belvedere

Lori Belvedere

Ambassador of First Impressions


Lori is very knowledgeable about the Industries we serve and can direct you where to look on our Job Opportunities website.


Lori personally posts and removes our open job opportunities and is quite familiar with what positions are currently open.


Email:          lori@stoakley.com
Phone:         905.821.3455
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Lori has become a quintessential and indispensable member of the Stoakley Team since joining the firm over a decade ago.  She is the person behind the kind and helpful voice that greets all callers and the smiling face that welcomes all visitors.  We would be more than pleased if that’s all Lori did for our organization but her value extends far beyond simply being a cordial and professional ambassador for the firm.

Being the adaptive, multi-tasking, quick learner that she is, Lori is relied upon for a variety of mission-critical activities in support of our team of recruitment consultants.  On a daily basis she screens and makes public our clients’ exciting job opportunities to a multitude of online resources, handles candidate inquiries with respect and confidentiality, ensures clients reach our consultants expeditiously, and generally manages our two offices’ ongoing needs.

Lori is the beacon to whom vendors, suppliers, clients, and candidates can direct their needs and requests for help and she does it all with a smile, great energy, and the oft-forgotten words “please” and “thank you”.  In this day and age of transactional relationships, encounters, phone calls and conversations, Lori represents a throwback to the days when administrative persons were relied upon to be keen problem solvers with impeccable attention to detail while simultaneously managing individuals’ first impressions of the organization.  For over 16 years in administrative roles, Lori has done just that and more…and always with a smile and a kind word.