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Nataly Kabakova

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Nataly brings to the Stoakley-Stewart team hands-on, real world experience having worked as a Pricing Analyst with DHL Global Forwarding. In working for one of the world’s largest logistics and freight forwarding organizations, she gained extensive knowledge about the industry as a whole and about the various, often nuanced positions therein. Capitalizing on her strong communication skills and inherent ability to connect with people, she was soon promoted to a Lead Qualifier role wherein she was responsible for reaching out to new potential customers and forging relationships.

By immersing herself in this business development position, Nataly quickly learned to overcome any aversion to picking up the phone and reaching out to individuals out of the blue…an invaluably transferable skill to the world of recruitment. Additionally, this experience imbued in her the ability to quickly assess different personality types and to adapt her approach so as to effectively establish, and then manage quality relationships with clients and prospects alike.

Having earned her University degree in Psychology, and possessing a natural affinity for working with people, Nataly came to realize that her future was not necessarily in the operational aspects of Freight Forwarding but rather within the realm of human interaction and interpersonal behaviours. This realization organically led her to the world of Recruiting & Human Resources where she finds herself now. She is tenacious and dedicated, persuasive yet tactical, and ultimately a results-oriented recruitment professional. Nataly couples these qualities with the fact that she is fueled and genuinely motivated by the important responsibility (and opportunity) to help others advance their careers, professional development and personal growth. All of this makes for a truly potent combination in a recruiter and which makes her an invaluable talent acquisition partner to any organization.