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Norbert Breitbach

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After successfully completing his studies to become a lawyer in 1974, Norbert Breitbach, decided to join Schenker as a Controller at their Head Office in Germany. Recognizing his talent and potential, Norbert was transferred to Canada in 1981 to adopt the role of CEO of Schenker Warehousing Ltd., Montreal. Three (3) years later this company merged with Schenker Canada, the freight forwarding operation in Canada; at which time Norbert was appointed co-CEO in charge of warehousing operations and finance/administration. In 1993 he assumed the role of CFO which he held for eight (8) years.

In 1997 he was, once again, called to manage the entire Canadian operation as co-CEO for an interim period. During his last six years with Schenker Canada Norbert, as Senior VP Human Resources, introduced a new HR Management system and was charged with maximizing talent acquisition and development. In 2007 Norbert retired with great fanfare having completed an illustrious 33 year career with Schenker!

Early in 2008 Norbert joined Stoakley-Stewart Consultants as a Senior Advisor. Having worked closely with Stoakley-Stewart for many years furthering his goal of maximizing the talent pool within Schenker, Norbert felt compelled to continue the relationship by becoming a member of the Stoakley team. Here he is engaged in the practice of recruiting the best and brightest managers, executives and sales people in the Logistics industry.