Reg Shortt, P.Eng., CPC, NPA QCoC

Reg Shortt, P.Eng., CPC, NPA QCoC



Manufacturing (electrical, mechanical, electronic)


Technical Sales/Marketing


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Certified Personnel Consultant
NPA – Quality Circle of Excellence

Reg is a Chemical Engineering graduate of the Royal Military College.  As an Army Signals Officer he also acquired an extensive post-secondary education in Communications and Electronics Engineering.  Following a 10-year career in the Canadian Forces, Reg left to take up a position with Canada’s major telephone company, Bell, as a Planning Engineer.  Two years later, he changed directions and started a new career in Sales.

The next 16 years were spent in a variety of increasingly senior (up to Vice President level) sales, marketing and business start-up roles, on both a national and international scale, in medical devices, medical imaging systems, encryption products and card-based access control systems, all products of a highly technical nature.

In 1994, Reg made another career switch, and joined Stoakley-Stewart Consultants in a technical recruiting role.  Starting in the middle of a recession, Reg quickly became the number two producer in a staff of five to six recruiters and has frequently repeated that accomplishment ever since.  He earned the Gold Level Target Award in National Personnel Associates (NPA) after only six years, and is particularly proud of an NPA award for over $84,000 in split fees in a single month!

In May 2006, Reg set two more performance records, the largest single contingency fee in company history, at $55,500, and the highest monthly billing by a Consultant, at $121,850.

Reg has been a Licensed Professional Engineer since 1975, and earned his Certified Personnel Consultant designation as soon as he met the two-year experience requirement in the recruiting industry.  He has been an invited speaker at National and International Conferences aimed at the recruiting industry, and is a former Member of the Advisory Board of the Recruiters’ On-Line Network.


Reg has focused his recruiting practice on engineering, manufacturing and technical positions predominately in the electrical, electronic, mechanical and software manufacturing environments, although he has also rescued a number of clients from difficulty in unrelated industries and for positions with which he had no previous experience.  For example, he has successfully placed HR Directors, Controllers, General Managers, and Sales Managers into a variety of client companies.

As a result of his broad technical background and extensive experience in industry, Reg brings to the table an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of staffing requirements, issues and problems, and is particularly adept at understanding and resolving the more technical and/or difficult ones.  A Consultant in the true sense of the word, he often finds himself in the position of being able to offer useful and constructive advice to his clients.

Regarding fees, Reg prefers to strike what he calls a “Partnership Arrangement” with his clients.  This implies that a portion of the fee is paid up front, with subsequent installments coming due as the search progresses to a successful ending.  This arrangement ensures that both parties have an investment in seeing that the search forges ahead to completion.  For companies where this is not an acceptable approach, Reg is open to discussing other retained alternatives or pure contingency fee structures.


A client in the Managed Services Industry was referred to Reg by Professional Engineers Ontario.  For over eight months they had been looking for a Facilities Engineer for a major hospital, without success, despite having engaged the services of a consultant who specialized in the medical sector.  In a mere six weeks, Reg not only successfully filled that position, but also the Facilities Supervisor who reported to the Engineer – a position he didn’t even know was vacant at the time!

The same client was having difficulty finding suitable applicants for another part of their business in the foodservice industry – a major departure from Reg’s normal area of practice.  Reg was successful in finding a General Sales Manager for them in Montreal, and was subsequently asked to do the same thing for a position in Calgary, which he did in relatively short order.  Both applicants made the company’s President’s Club during their first year on board!

A manufacturer of electro-optical instrumentation was experiencing rapid growth and wasn’t getting satisfactory results from the recruiting resources they were using.  Reg’s technical background is such that he was able to show them only one or two applicants for each position, and in most cases, they made a hire from this short a slate.  The result was a major saving of hiring managers’ time and effort.

A company was in the process of staffing up a new SAP Services Division.  Reg’s efforts allowed them to make four critical hires in the space of 30 days.

A Municipal Utility in Alberta had tried without success for almost a year to fill an Electrical Distribution Design Engineer’s position.  Even the local agencies were unsuccessful after a number of months of searching.  Despite this representing yet another step away from his normal practice, within two months of being asked to help, Reg had found the successful applicant.

A major company in the Electrical Construction industry was looking to fill a couple of senior management positions.  Again working outside his normal area of practice, Reg successfully filled the positions where agencies specializing in the Construction Industry failed.  Having gained a good understanding of the company and its culture, Reg introduced on spec a Controller to the President, who hired him at the first interview!


  • Bearings
  • Control Systems
  • Data Communications Hardware
  • Electromechanical Equipment
  • Fire Alarms
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Instrumentation
  • Lighting
  • Machining
  • Major Appliances
  • Managed Services
  • Mechanical Equipment and Machinery
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Semiconductor Design
  • Software