Valerie was thorough in her search and listened to our needs. The greatest value was my ability to concentrate on my business while she sourced worthy candidates. We will look to her again in the future.

Patrick Miksa, Vice President, Leasing & Business Development

In recent years we’ve worked closely with the Stoakley team to support the growth of our organization. From individual contributors to executives, they’ve proven their value as a strategic partner by finding talented people that can move our business forward and are also a great fit with our culture.

Adam Baines, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition

Patrick was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the entire interview process. He gave insight into what the employer was looking for, which gave me the confidence to proceed successfully each step of the way. His professionalism and friendliness made him a pleasure to work with.

Alice Soon, Marketing Manager - National Programs

As a Senior Manager, it is the best job I ever had and the experience is by far memorable. Everything that I did with the organization has been outstanding for the past 5 years and greatly appreciate you for the opportunity you and your team presented to me 5 years ago.

Benat Mariyanayagam, B.Eng.

Hi Magda,

As I said earlier, no one in your field has ever been as absolute as you have been, so I really appreciate your expertise and your zest for completeness and success.

Thanks again!

Francois Norman, Project Manager

Dear Magda and Isabel,

I would like to thank both of you for presenting me the opportunity to realize my full potential, appreciate it. Honestly, you both were very helpful and had genuine concern from my (candidate) perspective as well, in the past I’ve dealt with other recruiters, usually they are very different. Again thank you so much.

Look forward to be in touch with both of you and want to build a long term professional relationship.

Best regards,

Tariq Shaikh - International Trade Customs Consultant

You can have a great track record selling products to clients, but when the time comes to sell yourself to a prospective employer and finally nail that dream job, what do you do? The process can be daunting, intimidating, frustrating, soul destroying, or alternatively it can be life changing, targeted, coached and ultimately hugely rewarding. The difference is the approach and teaming up with a facilitator that ties all of these elements together. In my case, I’ll be eternally grateful to Donna (that facilitator), for her unfailing support and tenacity that landed the most challenging and fun job anyone could wish for. It’s way simpler to work smart than to just work hard. Teaming up with Donna was the smartest career decision I have ever made.

Mark Venables, General Manager

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the both of you. There is no doubt in my mind that you both (Valerie Yuricek & Magda Salem) are the very best recruiters in the entire western hemisphere. You are diligent in your work and you truly care. You were there every step of the way and for that I am grateful. This speaks volume and it sure says a great deal about your company. I don’t know who your manager is, but certainly you both deserve to be recognized. Thank you for all you’ve done.


My first contact with Deb (Deborah) is dated in 2011 from Thailand and since then there were many good reasons we kept in touch. In every interaction that I had with her till date, I found her very professional, clear, efficient and taking her task with the utmost responsibility. She was greatly instrumental in my recent job and in the course of action, I saw all the required traits that any good recruiter should have with a global approach. I strongly recommend her to avail her recruitment services especially in local HVAC industry and extend her the very best of my wishes.

Pushpinder Singh Rana-MBA, B.Eng

What a professional! It’s a tough challenge for new comers like me moving over to Canada with international degrees and having no Canadian work experience find suitable work opportunities. It takes whole lot of hard work to get the first step into your dream job that’s where Deborah and her team stepped in for me. Her proactive and result oriented approach kept me motivated all along the recruitment process. I don’t know if through this note I can describe what guys at Stoakley did for me but all I know is I shall remain indebted to them, for all the efforts they put in to get me where I am today. My sincere thanks to Deb and her team.

Arjun Singh Wadhwa - PMP, Service Manager

Andrew Stapinski contacted me for an IT opportunity on behalf of his construction company client. From the beginning, I was very impressed with Andrew’s friendly and professional attitude. He was thorough with his questions but pleasant at the same time. I did not feel intimidated or nervous. I was able to focus on my answers and deliver them with confidence. Andrew is very easy to get along with. In fact, my experience with Andrew has been the best in my entire career which spans over 15 years. I would highly recommend Andrew to any company that is looking for a professional job matchmaker. The president of the construction company that hired me can attest to this fact.

Dinesh Wadhwani, Manager of Technical Operations

Stoakley is a pleasure to work with. They have taken the time to really get to know our business and understands our needs. They are quick, reliable and full of life!

Brenda Robinson, VP Operations

Trevor is professional in whatever he undertakes and looks out for the best of his candidates and clients.

Karl Henriques, International Trade Coordinator

Put quite simply, Andrew paired me with my dream job, and introduced me to a future I didn’t even know I had. His business acumen, knowledge, and integrity allowed him to see unique talents and abilities in me that I was only just coming to recognize myself. Andrew’s level of conversation is way beyond what I would have expected, and he was able to communicate the fundamentals of the position clearly and concisely. He has an excellent understanding of his clients’ needs, and a genuine desire to see people succeed. Andrew is always available and stayed present and responsive throughout the entire hiring process, ensuring that both parties’ expectations and requirements were understood and met at all times. Andrew’s courtesy, professionalism, and integrity are authentic character traits which make him a pleasure to deal with. I have recommended him to several friends and family, and I am confident in doing so.

Marc Sumner-Smith, Sales Consultant

I had the pleasure of working with Isabel while I was at Stoakley-Stewart Consultants. Isabel is a warm, highly personable recruitment professional who makes her candidates feel immediately at ease. I would describe Isabel as a knowledgeable and dedicated consultant who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure there is an excellent fit between her clients and candidates. She is dedicated to forming strong partnerships and has a high level of integrity. With her positive attitude and commitment to service, Isabel is successful in all she undertakes. I would highly recommend her.

Robyn Flintoff, Human Resources Manager

Deborah is one of my most respected colleagues. We have partnered together on a number of searches over the years and I trust her to the fullest! She is highly professional, energetic and straight forward. If she commits to something, she delivers. It’s wonderful to have partners across the border and we’ve been able to connect well on searches both in Canada and the US. I consider her both a partner and a friend and highly recommend her.

Meri Laird Jones, CPC, Partner

Stoakley is a professional business partner and worked on numerous projects with our Company to recruit upper level executive and professionals. Stoakley’s out of the box thinking allowed us to be creative and innovative to achieve results for their candidates and our Company. It is and was a pleasure working with Stoakley on the various complex and difficult recruits and it was a pleasure to achieve results for all parties.

Stoakley at all times is professional and ethical in conducting their business and representing our Company and their clients. They truly became a strong liaison for our Company and went the extra mile to learn more of our industry to facilitate our search and bring qualified candidates to meet with our executives. I strongly recommend Stoakley as a creative, professional
business partner.

Jillian Purdham, Enterprise Account Executive